Bauser Media offers concept-to-completion services to help you develop and deliver your video projects, including

story videos, documentaries, training programs, educational content and conference coverage.

One-Minute Demo Reel

A quick look at the services Bauser Media provides, including project coordination, location and studio production, video editing and motion graphics, as well as highlights of recent projects. To see more work, head over to

Motion Graphics Portfolio

A sampling of motion graphics and animations created for client projects using tools like Adobe After Effects, Boris Red, and VideoScribe.

About Adam Bauser

Hi, I'm Adam Bauser, an Emmy award-winning video creator who has delivered successful results for clients including TV series, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. My specialties include story videos, documentaries, conference coverage, online tutorials, and training videos. Whether you need a Preditor or someone to manage a large production, I can help.

I'm based in Princeton, NJ halfway between NYC and Philadelphia but have completed projects for clients around the world. I’ve planned, crewed, and directed shoots in over 20 states and Canada. I've filmed in all kinds of settings—factory floors, schools, hospitals, offices, convention centers, retail stores, animal shelters, and more. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life, including business executives, children, teachers, office and industrial workers, celebrities, and scientists. In the studio, I’ve directed product shoots, multi-camera live streams, and green screen videos.

I edit most of the videos I produce. I cut in both Avid and Premiere and am skilled in After Effects. I take the time to understand your project and audience so I can edit your video with minimal guidance—I’m not going to make you watch hours of timecode burns so you can tell me exactly what to put in the video. I’ll use an online review tool to keep feedback and changes organized. Need help with casting, music, stock or archival footage, graphics, captions, copyrights and clearances? I’ve got that covered too.

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