Television & Online Media

What We Do

Script to screen services for video production. 

Script-to-screen services for video production.

Bauser Media's team of communication professionals invest themselves in understanding your organization's challenges, needs, and goals to create a product that effectively delivers your message. Along the way, we use our consulting and production experience to help you navigate the constantly evolving world of media creation and delivery.

Our areas of expertise include:

Conference & Event Highlights

Highlight and recap videos are a powerful way to generate extra exposure for an event or to reinforce relationships with attendees, prospects, and sponsors. They are also useful for promoting future events and are highly shareable through social media. learn more


Sometimes you need more than just video to convey your message. Animations and motion graphics can demonstrate a complex idea quickly and effectively whether it's as part of a larger video, an element of an e-learning program, or a looping reel for trade shows and events.

Interviews & Testimonials

Nothing is more authentic than the actual words of your employees, members, clients, and customers. Whether it’s on location, in your office, or in the studio, we make your interview subjects look and sound great.


Video is a powerful training tool. From stand-alone programs to assets for e-learning, we create effective content for audiences ranging from school students to business and sales professionals.

Documentary & Story Videos

Documentaries connect with people in a way that traditional marketing campaigns cannot. We’ve produced hundreds of documentary and television stories, both short and long, on topics including education, history, science, the environment, and more.  learn more


Even with easy-to-use screen recording tools, effective software tutorials need a well-crafted script, proper audio levels, and attention to visuals. We make software simulations that maintain learner attention and show what’s really happening on screen.

Promotional & Demo Videos

Videos can play a critical role in a buyer’s decision-making process. Whether it’s a person, place, or a thing, video allows potential customers to see a product in a way that words and pictures cannot easily accomplish. 

Live Streaming & Skype Interviews

Sometimes the audience is bigger than what fits in the ballroom. Other times you just have too many people in too many places to be able to visit them all. We've broadcast events for clients using Livestream, UStream, and YouTube. We've recorded interviews around the world using tools like Skype and Google Hangouts.